Digitalising your business

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Online presence

Creating and online strategy has become important for businesses. Find out why it is essential for a business to exist on the web. The internet offers you many opportunities to ensure the sustainability of your activity. By being present on the web, you have access to a new market. Your products end up outside your traditional point of sale.
You promote your business. You set up an improved offer of your products and services. It is possible to assess the relevance of your service of the reputation of your products. You can assess customer satisfaction in order to effectively meet their needs.

Before starting: define your persona.

Before knowing which strategy to adopt, you must define your persona (robot portrait of your targets). This will allow you to know where to find your customers on the net and therefore on which network to be present.
You can be present on the web in many ways: social networks, platforms, communities, website, landing page…
You must also take into account the skills that you or your employees have to increase your online presence.

We support you in this step. Book your digital audit to find out which strategy to adopt.

Digitalising your business

Building and/or modernizing prospecting tools

First of all, it is essential to build and/or modernize your company’s prospecting tools. It is true that prospects have as a first reflex to search for information on the Internet, to compare offer sand features… All this, without needing to interact with the sales representative. Thus, by doing their research alone, they are more demanding with regard to the added value that sales representatives bring them. More than ever, they expect expertise.

The digital footprint of companies has therefore become an important factor in the consideration of prospects.

The relationship with customers may then seem more distant, because the client only requests the sales representative when they have overcome the stages of awareness and consideration. It is therefore necessary to redirect the sales job to the prospect’s decision making.

This is the advantage of going digital! Because even though the customer has already been searching for information about his request, he doesn’t necessarily find the information that best meets his needs. Therefore, the role of the sales representative is no longer to unpack a standard speech, but to identify the specific needs of the customer in order to advise him and help him make the final decision.

E2L Prospection helps you find the strategy and tools necessary for your development.

Wondering how to create an offer on the internet?

When you launch your business on the Internet, you are entering a market where the competition is already established. How to build a clear and attractive offer to convince your potential customers and stand out? Be thorough in its design: positioning on a large number of customer segments or products can blur your offer and give your potential customers theim pression of a lack of quality or expertise.


Internet E2L Prospection

Tired of being transparent?

Digital technology has changed codes and habits.
A question arises for all sales representatives in B2B as well as in B2C: is it necessary to change one's prospecting strategy?
We help you answer this question.
Digitalising your business

Mailing and content creation

First we offer our services for mailing & creating various content. So, using your website, you can inform your current and future customers about the latest developments in your business…

Whether it’s a new product launch, a major purchase, or whatever, it can all be online very quickly. In short, it is important to create interactions with your customers and prospects.

The emailing

First of all, emailing is a very widespread communication channel. Sometimes wrongly associated with spam, it is above all an advantageous communication tool ever other channels. If you are not convinced, take the test and compare the results.

Here are 6 reasons to choose email marketing:


The cost

Emailing is an affordable communication tool for all businesses, especially for very small businesses and SMEs. Indeed, it is undoubtedly the cheapest media on the market. Emailing is up to 15 times cheaper compared to other tools.


Quick and easy installation

An emailing campaign is quickly set up. So in a matter of minutes, you can create a newsletter and send it to thousands of recipients.


The plurality of discourses

Inform, promote, invite, announce, recruit, raise, awareness, offer, share… Email can be used in all circumstances and adapts to all speeches. In addition, you can precisely target and personalize the recipients of each campaign according to the segmentation available in you contact database. Whether it is the geographical location, purchase history…


Responsiveness and interactivity

Email marketing campaigns produce their first results within hours or even minutes of receiving it. Typically, 80% of returns occur within 72 hours of sending the message.

Thus, a commercial offer can trigger a purchase immediately on a merchant site or in a store. In addition, a newsletter can bring visitors to a site or in a blog, thereby increasing awareness and inbound traffic. Conversion rates are high compared to other direct marketing tools.

This allows you to accurately calculate the cost of your campaign and assess your return on investment.



The behavioral tracking of recipients remains a major asset of emailing. Indeed, statistical reports show the performance of your offers and the receptivity of each correspondent. Open rate, click rate, reading time, virality of the message, reading material… All information is directly available to analyze the returns of each emailing campaign.


The virality of the message

Emailing is the forerunner of viral marketing. Thus, if your newsletter has interesting content, your recipients are likely to forward it to other correspondents. According to the SNCD’s EMA B2C study, French Internet users share the offers sent by emailing 44% by email forwarding and 25% on social networks.

I want to write impactful content and emails

Building a list of interested and willing contacts is the starting point of any sustainable email marketing strategy: to send emails to your prospects and customers, you need to collect their email addresses in a legal and willing manner. To help you collect the emails you will need to create interesting content for your targets.