Business prospecting

prospection commerciale

Business prospecting

Not all salespeople are comfortable with cold calling. Yet this is one of the most important phases in the sales process. The first contact with a prospect is decisive and determines the reception your sales representative will receive. Professionalise and outsource this crucial stage of the sales process to experts! And thus avoid missing out on commercial opportunities.

At E2L Prospection we introduce ourselves on behalf of your company and adopt your language. In addition, we take care to train ourselves on your products and to collect all your needs so that, during your visit, the meeting goes as smoothly as possible. We are used to getting past the switchboard and the assistant to talk directly to the decision-makers.

E2L Prospection offers you several levels of services corresponding to each stage of your sales cycle. The goal is to quickly position yourself on your prospects’ projects with file qualification to prepare your telephone interviews, the detection of projects/leads with needs already clearly identified and the making of highly qualified and confirmed appointments. 

Business prospecting

Project detection

E2l prospection helps you to detect projects…

First of all, it is important to optimize the time of your sales force with sales contacts whose projects are already clearly identified.

Thus, E2L Prospection proposes to contact your customers or prospects in order to detect short or medium term projects.

Therefore, having an already qualified file with clearly identified needs is an undeniable asset in the sales process. Your sales representatives have a head start over the competition by already having knowledge of the company’s information, its context, the identity of the contact and his function, the needs identified and the estimated budget. Thus, the meeting becomes much more comfortable for both your sales representative and the customer who do not waste time.

Your sales representatives are thus dedicated to what they do best: selling and signing contractorders!

détection de projets

Why project detection?

More simply, a canvassing campaign makes it possible to:


Gather important information.


Analyze the collected data.


Determine the solutions adapted to the prospect’s situation.


Thus, project detection becomes synonymous with proactivity!

The realization of a lead generation campaign is a real marketing approach used in BtoB. Indeed, lead generation is undergoing a strong evolution thanks to the development of new digital solutions.

Nevertheless, the telephone remains the channel that has proven to be the most effective over the years. A campaign can be carried out both internally and by using an external service provider.

Finally, after having been trained in the products and services of the client company, our team is then able to carry out “volume” prospecting.

I want to detect new projects

Project detection is part of a dynamic and anticipatory sales approach.
It helps to identify companies that are engaged in a process of development and growth.
Business prospecting

File qualification

Because the business world is moving fast, it is essential to keep customer databases and file qualification up to date. In short, the goal is to know your contacts and launch effective marketing campaigns to the right targets.

Thus, the file qualification consists in contacting all your customers in order to check the validity of their data. In addition, missing information is also added to ensure perfect integrity and guarantee you an up-to-date customer database.

Finally, we can work from an Excel file or directly on your CRM in real time.

What is file qualification?

File qualification is an operation aimed at improving the quality of your customer and prospect files to make them authentic, complete and reliable.

In addition, it is a technique used in prospecting and especially with BtoB. The goal is to improve the quality of your databases in order to optimize the effectiveness of your future prospecting campaigns.

Therefore, we will see in further detail what file qualification is when working in a call center. But also how the service providers work, and above all what are the advantages for the company!

qualification de fichiers

Indeed, there is nothing better than having a comprehensive database to be able to exploit it properly. This task consists in replacing obsolete data with recent and valid information.

To do this, you can use different channels, such as customer satisfaction surveys by phone, text message campaigns, online surveys…

Thus, the concept consists in basing yourself on an initial file and updating the information already contained in it by adding the missing data.

  • Phone number
  • Mailing address
  • E-mail address
  • Corporate name of a brand
  • Surname and/or first name of the person

 In addition, during this step, it is essential to try to have as much information as possible about the entire database. At the end of the file qualification, you will therefore have a recent, unique and complete customer file. Finally, also keep in mind that the starting point of a qualified database is not the abundance of data, but its accuracy.

Thus, if you want to carry out a telephone prospecting campaign, you may not need the age of your contacts. On the other hand, this should be the case if you want to target a specific audience.

I want qualified prospecting files

Keep in mind that the starting point of a qualified database is not the abundance of data, but its relevance.
Business prospecting

Qualified meetings

To practice qualified appointment making, you need to know how to transform a telephone interview, it’s quite an art!

The agendas of your sales representatives have trouble being full? They don’t have time to spend on the phone and prefer to follow up on the field on their customer portfolio?

E2L Prospection will accompany you until the appointment is made and confirmed.

We deploy all our expertise at the service of your company. Thus, we help you to create ahigh-performance and customized sales call script in order to reach a maximum number of contacts with high added value. In addition, the goal is to allow you to develop your turnover.

E2L Prospection is at your disposal every day to handle the follow-up of your appointments.

B TO B prospecting by phone is a time-consuming activity that has its own specific codes and techniques.

Ultimately, taking an appointment by phone is an exercise that requires complete preparation and technique. Therefore, the 1st step of the sales meeting is decisive for the future of your customer relationship.

prise de rdv

First and fore most…

It’s important to know the potential client you are targeting and to identify their needs. This will allow you to anticipate objections and to prepare your sales pitch as thoroughly as possible. Once you have acquired this information, you can make your first contact. Here are some basic rules to help you in this matter:


First of all, you must work with the help of an assistant or a secretary. You will need to be polite and assertive. Don’t leave any room for hesitation and show that you know your prospect. Last point: never present yourself as a sales person!


Next, you will need to develop a good sales pitch. It must be based on the deep buying motivations of your interlocutor. Generally speaking, there are 5 reasons why people buy: security, money, comfort, pride and leisure.


Finally, counteract objections. Take an interest in the reasons, so you can easily overcome them. Your objective is to obtain an appointment with your prospect.

I want to increase the number of appointments for my sales people

Every salesperson expects useful prospecting meetings. The type of appointment you choose can be a mixture of very targeted appointments with strict selection criteria and more open introductory appointments.
Business prospecting

Reactivate your customer portfolio

Revitalize your customer portfolio and show your customers that they are not just a name in a file!

Converting prospects into new customers takes time and energy. It has been proven that reactivating inactive customers is much easier and more profitable.

Deploying a proactive sales recovery strategy with loyalty campaigns: sponsorship operations, new sales offer dedicated to your VIP customers… are enough to generate interest from your customers and to create a new need.

In addition, a customer who has not placed an order for 6 months/ 1 year is often considered as inactive. Moreover, if we consider that the average loss rate of a customer portfolio varies between 10% and 15%, the number of inactive customers reaches a peak after two or three years.

In addition, the reasons for a customer’s inactivity are numerous and often not very well know into sales representatives. Most of the time, due to a lack of recent contacts, the information held on the company has become outdated over time.

A few tips to efficiently handle these inactive clients:

Getting closer to these inactive customers again means giving yourself the chance to regain their trust.

Thus, for a third of these customers, the loss is definitive: the company has disappeared, it no longer uses the product, the decision making center has been relocated?

For another third party, it will have been useful to update the information even if the reminder does not allow to consider the renewal of a sales relationship.

For the last third (which is worth two): the reason for stopping the collaboration has simply been forgotten. The contact has changed and his successor is quite interested in entering into a business relationship; the experience with the competition is not satisfactory; other needs have appeared or the evolution of the offer coincides more with the expectations of the company…

portefeuille clients

The consequence of such an action? Nearly 40% of customers considered inactive result in anew appointment. In addition, more than 70% of these appointments result in a sales follow-up.

Finally, if this action of reviving inactive customers is effective, we generally obtain a return twice as high as that of an action to acquire new customers.

I want to reactivate my client portfolio

Converting prospects into new customers takes time and energy. It is proven that waking up inactive customers is much easier and more profitable.