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E2L Prospection

Our mission is to support companies and help them to develop. But also to dare to change, to improve their performance and finally to facilitate their success. Whether it’s a small, short-term project or a large, multi-year programme, E2L Prospecting can help you succeed.

To begin with, as a leader, you must act, react and make the right decisions. As a result, you are faced with a multitude of challenges or projects that most often involve change. It is therefore normal that you ask yourself many questions about the ideas and projects you are planning to launch… 

At E2L Prospecting, we have been fortunate enough to have worked in companies ranging from 2 employees to over 10,000. We therefore have a relevant vision of the actions you need to put in place in order to achieve your objectives. 

We therefore focus our support on 3 points: 


Business prospecting


Digitalising business





After studying management and accounting, I naturally held positions as a management assistant and sales assistant. I quickly realised that I liked the commercial aspect more than the accounting. I then started a job as a sedentary sales assistant with a sales target, a margin target and everything that goes with a sales position. The revelation: I am paid to call people all day and sell them things they need (and sometimes don't need - yes, I am a salesperson after all!).

An opportunity arose for me to join a large French company as an employment advisor. It was a rewarding experience but, despite certain advantages, I decided to set up my own business as a freelance secretary and telemarketer. I was successful, but after a year I had to transform my self-employed business into a company because I exceeded the ceiling authorised by this status. I met companies that became loyal customers. I decided not to close the business but to transform it. I became the creator of the E2L Home brand. A brand of linen for hotel professionals and private individuals. I created the entire website using Prestashop. Customers buy online on our website and also directly for people near us.

In 2020, Covid becomes part of our routines and I dedicate my year to helping my clients find even more customers. We understand the importance of having an online presence and I decide to pursue a web marketing certification to help my clients find and implement the best marketing strategy for their business.

In 2021, E2L Prospection becomes a training organisation and we are in the process of obtaining Datadock. Our objective is to enable you to mobilise your CPF to train yourself or your colleagues.

Our areas of expertise are commercial prospecting, company digitalization, community management, skills sharing and internal organization of your employees.


E2L Prospection

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Digitalising your business

The Internet has become an indispensable part of our society. Every day, billions of people go online to search for information or to make purchases. Creating an online strategy has become important for companies.

By being present on the internet you open up your company to a new market.
Our job is to help you sell your products or services on this channel which has its own codes. We help you to digitalise your business by evaluating with you which social network is essential for your activity. Some activities require a commercial website, others just a showcase page. In addition to this, you need to associate the social networks that are essential to your business. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, You tube, Linkedin, Tik Tok… as well as the commercial platforms: Amazon, private sales…
Once this work is done, we help you find the person or persons in your team who will be in charge of these developments.



This part is often initiated by the employer. He decides to call on our services for one of his employees or for an entire team. In these cases, the objective is often to improve sales and instil better team cohesion. This is why some large groups have in-house coaches.

All our training courses are hybrid courses: face-to-face, distance learning or a combination of both, depending on your wishes.

We offer several categories of training:


Business training

The aim is to pass on good practice and advice to your sales force. They need to become more skilled at prospecting, selling, negotiating, developing business strategies and building customer loyalty.

Pooling of skills

The aim is to accompany employees towards new performance. Thus, helping employees to progress is a recurrent topic. It is at the heart of companies' managerial thinking. A motivated and supported employee who has skills recognised by the hierarchy participates more actively in the performance of the company.

Digitalising your business

The aim is to help you define who your persona (typical customer) is by drawing up a profile. This allows you to know where to find each target and therefore each persona and therefore know which social networks are useful for your business. Then comes the phase where we train you so that you can be autonomous in the long term on the management of your social networks but also on the analysis of what your competitors do on your market. We train you to create content so that you can define an editorial line and facilitate communication with your customers. It is generally during this phase that we do the training presented above if you have analysed the need for it: Pooling the skills of collaborators.